Saturday, November 7, 2009

About Plasma antenna

Plasma is an ionized gas, when plenty of dense will act as a conductor. As plasma antenna create a focus absorption of plasma to form a plasma mirror which prevent an RF ray open from a central feed to be found at the focus of the mirror.

The plasma antenna system where the electro-optic modulator contain an optical signal source for create a light signal adjust with a radio frequency to make said plasma antenna to transmit said signal. In plasma antennas and said optical fiber are increase as part of a submarine periscope and one or more plasma antennas will give out a preferred electromagnetic signal.

Plasma Antennas has developed a variety of smart, included multi-beam antennas to get together demanding in the civil and defense markets. Plasma antenna is very lightweight and compact. Plasma antennas have a number of potential advantages for antenna design. The plasma antenna is opposed to electronic fighting.

The main use of plasma antenna is, it can be at the similar clear and protected to occurrence high frequency, high power electronic fighting pulses.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Digital Multimedia Broadcasting

Digital Multimedia Broadcasting is a process of convey multimedia images, radio, internet, and television to moveable devices all the way through digital radio transmissions. In both satellite and terrestrial methods digital multimedia broadcasting can be transmitted. Digital Multimedia Broadcasting is defined as DMB. In digital broadcasting activity innovation are expect an incredible increase in sales through the Manufacturers of chips, handsets, and other technology are more essential.

Digital multimedia broadcasting is a South Korean technology in digital radio transmission organization which is used for transferring multimedia to mobile devices such as mobile devices. The procedures of broadcasting multimedia in excess of the Internet, or satellite, to be tuned in by multimedia receivers, or players, are able of playing back the multimedia program. Through multicast, a single broadcast can drive programming to thousands of receivers, which can have fun on the satisfied individualized to the position. This is one of the advantages of multimedia broadcasting over usual video broadcasting.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Monex Deposit for Metal Investment

Monex Deposit Company is a Metals Investment Leader company. This company is an convenient way and easily for purchasing gold, silver product and palladium bullion metals with high investment quality. It is very essential to store money in the banks and it can offer you the possible way to investment in this particular markets. The silver coin dealer has provided by the purchasing coins over the phone the preferred transaction methods.

Now, the world demand for gold, platinum and silver is increasing at any time and this is the best time to investment. In generally, the gold and silver bullion is available in coin (or) ingot form. The gold bullion method is used to preserve purchasing power, diversify investment and protect wealth. Finally, Monex Company is a right place for you to purchasing metals at affordable cost.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Teleportation is used to transfer the matter from one point to another immediately. It is mainly used in science fiction works. Teleportation is also used to communicate the people face to face even at the distant location. The face image in the teleportation will be in the 3D environment, which make eye to eye two way conversation. It is mainly used for videoconferencing. Three elements are used in teleportation, in which two of them are knotted were one is detained by the sender and other is send to the receiver.

The third element is knotted when the sender brings it into the contact. Two different types of teleportation are used. They are exact and inexact teleportation. In exact teleportation the exact thing of the original form will be removed from one place and appears in another place. In inexact transport the item will be programming all the data regarding its working and then it copy the thing somewhere else.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Presentation of Gifts

Using the gift presentation in order to reflect our thoughts expression of friendship, love sharing and it will make happier, to share wealth, express the gratitude for a gift received. The gift presentation does not need to cost value to show your love. There are different types of gifts available such as mother’s day, father’s day, valentine’s day, anniversary gift, the couples receives gift, the baby receives gift, and the students receives gifts.

It can be something that the two of your share together and decide what she should like best. Flower is a perfect gift for women. Whether you need a flower gift for your wives, mothers, girlfriends, sisters, daughters, grandmothers and cousins, you have to choose the right place. The flower gifts have variety of flowers item and it’s very attractive, colorful. It is committed to offering the best gift online shopping experience in any where any time. This online gift shopping helps to time saving, money saving and gift delivery is perfect.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

University online

The term university online can be defined as the universities which offers online education and providing the educational facilities for the learners using internet. When choosing the online universities for your education, you must have the knowledge about whether the university is trustworthy or not. In general, the accredited university online are trustworthy. So, choose only the accredited universities.

The Capella university is the one, which is the first accredited and have trained about 24,000 learners form 45 countries around the world. It is the best university, offers distance education with online facilities for ordering text books, registering courses and managing financial aids. This university has a great online research library and research database to ensure good online education.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Fake Windows “Antivirus” Code Infected 1 Million Computers

As of November, the Malicious Software Removal Tool also added Win32/FakeSecSen to the limited list of malicious code it is designed to hunt down. Since introduction into the MSRT, the rogue antivirus was removed from no less than 994,061 computers, according to Microsoft. The Redmond company estimates that for every 1,000 machines scanned in the U.S. alone, seven days ahead of November 19, approximately five had been infected with Win32/FakeSecSen.

“There is no surprise about the prevalence of these rogues given our earlier telemetry analysis on other Microsoft AV products and tools. For comparison, the #1 family last month was Renos with 389,036 distinct machines cleaned in the first week and 655,535 machines for the whole month. And the most significant result for MSRT this year was the June release when we added eight game password stealer families, was Win32/Taterf with 1,246,792 machines cleaned by week 1 and 1,536,831 machines for the whole month,” explained Microsoft's Scott Wu, Scott Molenkamp and Hamish O’Dea.

Statistics provided by Microsoft pointed out that just 198,812 of the instances in which Win32/FakeSecSen had been removed actually contained an .EXE file. According to the company, this is illustrative of the fact that the rogue security software's executables had been removed manually or via legitimate antivirus products, while the incomplete Win32/FakeSecSen files could represent failed installations.

The software giant claims that there is a connection between the Renos family of malicious code and Win32/FakeSecSen. This because malware such as TrojanDownloader:Win32/Renos.Y, TrojanDownloader:Win32/Renos.AY, TrojanDownloader:Win32/Renos.EK will also download Win32/FakeSecSen on infected machines. In this context, another scenario for the delivery of Win32/FakeSecSen involves the rogue security software ending up on a machine already infected by malware.

Home Health Care

I was searching for a home health care associations for my friend who met into an accident and his spinal cord was damaged. We did some surgery to make me alright and finally everything is over. but now he need a home health care because he cant walk, still he is a wheel chair as per the doctors advice.

So only through home health care can take care of him. I found a place in Fort Lauderdale and their services are amazing, good health care for specialy like this people with hospitality facilites, physicians, hospitals etc. i recommend Fort Lauderdale Home Health Care is the best place for him.

Vista SP1 TCP/IP Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Overwrites Kernel Memory

At the end of October 2008 Microsoft was informed of a new vulnerability affecting the core of Windows Vista, but a fix was not delivered along with the November security bulletins. Thomas Unterleitner, from phion AG, informed that the Microsoft VISTA TCP/IP stack buffer overflow security flaw affected both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the operating system. The vulnerability was confirmed on the Enterprise and Ultimate SKUs of the OS by Unterleitner, who indicated that it was likely for all Vista editions to be affected. According to Unterleitner, Windows XP was not corrupted.

“Microsoft Device IO Control wrapped by the iphlpapi.dll API shipping with Windows Vista 32 bit and 64 bit contains a possibly exploitable, buffer overflow corrupting kernel memory,” Unterleitner revealed. The result of exploits targeting the vulnerability could range from less severe denial-of-service attacks to code injections.

“The crash does not always occur instantly after executing the provided sample program; it may take a while until the corrupted memory is accessed, causing the operating system to crash with a blue screen,” Unterleitner explained.

Because of the flaw in Vista's network input/output subsystem malicious requests addressing iphlpapi.dll API would generate a blue-screen-of-death, causing the impacted machine to crash. However, since the vulnerability is at kernel level, the true danger lies in the exposure of Vista's code to rootkit infections. Still, the severity of the vulnerability is limited because of the security mitigations built into Windows Vista.

“Installation of Service Pack 1 and/or security updates had no effect in regards to resolve the random crashes. To execute either the sample program or the route-add command, the user has to be member of the Network Configuration Operators group or the Administrators group. Since this buffer overflow overwrites kernel memory, it could be possible that members of the Network Configuration Operator group exploit this and take control over the operating system without any restriction,” Unterleitner stated.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Zenni Optical was on FOX news!

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